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How to Lower Tenant Turnover in A HMO Property

If there’s one thing that HMO landlords in Liverpool are aware of, it’s ensuring  low tenant turnover in a HMO property. High tenant turnover can cause some  significant issues.  

For example, it’s expensive to constantly advertise for tenants and having a  constant stream of new people moving into your HMO property can unsettle  existing residents and increase the chance of conflicts.  

The secret to successful HMO property management in Liverpool lies in keeping  tenants satisfied. When tenants are happy, they’re far more likely to renew  their tenancies and stay put in the long term.  

So, how can you lower tenant turnover in a HMO property? Here are our best tips to point you in the right direction. 



Ensure A Positive Experience For HMO Tenants  

The most important consideration when thinking about how to lower tenant  turnover in a property, is to implement effective HMO property management  policies from the start. 

First impressions are important, so as soon as tenants enquire about your HMO  rooms, you must ensure they’re having a positive experience. Property  cleanliness and maintenance are crucial – nobody wants to live in a poorly  maintained home. This means you need to respond quickly to any maintenance  issues that your tenants raise. Additionally, you should rapidly address any  concerns they have. Regular communication with tenants is vital because they  need to be confident that you’re attentive and accessible whenever you’re  needed. Above all, you must foster a friendly, respectful atmosphere in the  property.



Create A Community Vibe In Your HMO 

One of the best things about living in an HMO can be the social experience that  it offers. Many tenants actively look for a shared property because they  welcome the chance to live with others and avoid the loneliness that can come  with solo living, especially if they’re relocating to an unfamiliar area.  

Creating a strong community vibe can bring enormous benefits in reducing  HMO tenant turnover. When your tenants can connect and interact with each  other, they are more likely to have an enjoyable living experience, and this  makes them more likely to remain in the property in the long term. Providing comfortable shared spaces to encourage socialization can make a huge difference to your tenants’ lives and ultimately, your revenue.



Communicate Clearly With Your HMO Tenants 

No tenant appreciates an uncommunicative landlord. Therefore, establishing  effective and clear communication channels between yourself and your tenants  is crucial.  

Make sure you’re responsive to any concerns, feedback, or enquiries that they  have and keep them updated on information relating to the property. Your  tenants should feel comfortable approaching you with any issues, so work on  building trust between you to ensure they have the most positive experience.  

Many HMO landlords find that the best way to achieve low tenant turnover,  and harmony in their HMOs is to use the services of a HMO property  management company in Liverpool like Portus Lets Ltd. 

As experts in the area, we will ensure effective ongoing communication with  your tenants and make sure that any issues are dealt with promptly. As a result,  turnover will be reduced, and you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with  a stable HMO household.  

To discover how we can help you lower tenant turnover in your HMO, contact us today 0151 329 3538 or email us at

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