This creative solution to tackle underperforming properties is as hands-off as it gets. Landlords can hand over the reigns of their property to an experienced team who will ensure it performs at optimum level. The contracts last 3-10 years during which time the landlord will be paid a fixed monthly sum. Simples!

How it works

The Glow Up

Your property will be redesigned by our team of experienced HMO operators. We’ll agree a refurbishment with you and carry out the works at our expense. We’ve become quite adept at knowing what tenants want and we’ll ensure the property is attractive to tenants even in competitive markets.


The Money

We guarantee your rent! Whether there is tenants in the property or not, you’ll receive a monthly payment from us every month for the duration of the contract.


No Headaches

Tenant dispute? We’ll deal with it. Late rent? Not your problem. Water leak? We’re on it.

Once the property has been handed over, we’ll take care of everything, giving you a hassle-free Landlord experience. Overheads such as utilities, maintenance and management costs will all be absorbed by us.

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