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Finding HMO Tenants For Your Property In Liverpool

One of the most significant issues HMO landlords encounter when managing a  property is finding HMO tenants.  

Marketing HMOs can be challenging, and attracting the right tenants can be  especially difficult. However, the good news is that there are strategies you can  use to make advertising your HMO property and optimising your marketing  efforts more manageable and successful.


How Do I Attract Tenants To My HMO? 

Living in HMOs is becoming more popular due to the high cost of renting or  buying property in England. Young professionals are turning to this way of  living to reduce expenses and benefit from the social aspects of sharing  accommodation. As a HMO landlord, you can highlight these advantages when  marketing your property to prospective renters.  

Make sure you are emphasising everything that makes your HMO an excellent  choice for tenants so that prospective renters place your property at the top of  their wish list:  

  • Convenient location
  • Excellent communal spaces 
  • Dedicated workspaces 
  • Modern decor and facilities 
  • On-site parking  


Optimise Your HMO Listing To Find Tenants 

When attracting tenants to your HMO, your first step is to optimise your  listing. Tenants usually turn to online property portals when searching for  somewhere suitable to live. You’ll need to ensure your listing is: 

  • Accurate and up-to-date 
  • Detailed, with descriptions of all amenities and features 
  • Includes good quality photographs 
  • Clearly outlines its unique selling points.  

Of course, you should always respond quickly to all enquiries to boost the  likelihood of finding the best tenants. 


Offer Incentives To Potential HMO Renters 

In some cases, offering an incentive can be a quick way of attracting more  tenants. You may wish to provide a discount on the first month’s rent, inclusive  Wi-Fi or TV streaming services, or another benefit that will make the property  as appealing as possible. 


Use Targeted Keywords When Marketing Your HMO

Getting your listing as high in the search results as possible is crucial to ensure  your HMO property in Liverpool is visible to the maximum number of  prospective tenants. You can achieve this by using targeted keywords within  your marketing on your website, social media posts, and property listings to  help enhance your Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) visibility. 


Here are some suggested keywords and phrases: 

“HMO properties in Liverpool”: Specifies the area where your properties are  based. 

“Shared apartments in Liverpool”: Another geographical term that uses a  synonym for HMO. 

“Renting HMO Liverpool”: Brings a higher chance of visibility to potential  tenants specifically searching for rental options in the area. 

“Affordable room shares Liverpool”: Targets potential tenants who are budget conscious or seeking affordable rental options. 

“Roommates wanted Liverpool”: This is a strong keyword phrase that gets  straight to the point for people searching for shared living.

“Find a room Liverpool”: Simple and direct, this keyword will attract those  looking for individual rooms in a shared space. 

“Group accommodation Liverpool”: This phrase attracts students, a prime  demographic for HMO properties. 

“Rent per room Liverpool”: Targets people searching for this kind of rent  agreement. 

“Student share houses Liverpool”: This phrase is very specific and will target  student renters. 

Keep in mind these keywords are starting points. It can be beneficial to carry  out further SEO research to generate other appropriate and effective  keywords. 


Use A HMO Management Company in Liverpool

Tackling HMO marketing yourself can be a daunting task, so it isn’t surprising  that many HMO landlords in Liverpool now turn to HMO management  companies like Portus Lets Ltd. 

We can handle the advertising of your HMO property on your behalf, finding  and vetting suitable tenants to save you time and effort. 

To find out more about how using an HMO management company can help  with your marketing, get in touch with the team at Portus Lets Ltd. 

Call us on 0151 329 3538 or email us at and  discover how we can simplify the process of attracting tenants to your HMO  property in Liverpool.

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