HMO Property Management: Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

For landlords, HMO property maintenance is one of the most important  aspects of HMO property management in Liverpool. Proactively ensuring the  security and safety of your tenants and complying with all regulations is  essential from a legal, moral, and practical point of view.  

When your HMO property isn’t adequately maintained, you’re more likely to  struggle with tenant retention. After all, nobody wants to live in a property that  is in a poor state of repair. While it can be tempting to put regular property  inspections on the back burner, as an HMO landlord in Liverpool, it’s crucial to  be ahead of the game, identifying and rectifying any issues before they get out  of hand, causing tenant possible dissatisfaction.  

Here are our HMO property maintenance tips to help ensure you keep your  tenants happy and maintain positive landlord-tenant relationships.  

Have An Inventory In Place 

When tenants move into the HMO property you should always supply them  with an inventory report. This sets out the property’s condition at the start of  their tenancy and is a comprehensive guide for tenants as to how they should  leave the property when their tenancy comes to an end. Furthermore, it helps to identify who is responsible for maintenance jobs. If, for example, a fault was  identified at the time of drawing up the inventory, it is the landlord’s  responsibility to carry out the repair. Inventories reduce the likelihood of disagreements about who must pay for damage and repairs and also help in  deciding on what is fair wear and tear. 

Have A Schedule For HMO Property Inspections 

Carrying out property inspections on a regular basis is vital to ensure that  there are no unidentified maintenance issues that require rectifying. As a HMO  landlord, you should draw up a schedule of routine inspections so that you can  stay on top of any potential problems that could arise. Checking regularly for  leaks, mould, damp, wear and tear, and any safety hazards will enable you to  deal with them rapidly.  

Take Seasonal Considerations Into Account 

Throughout the year, HMO properties in Liverpool face different potential issues.  For example, during the winter, it’s likely that tenants will need to use the  heating, so you should make sure in advance that it is in full working order and that the radiators have been bled. You should check the guttering in the  autumn months to clear any built-up dirt or leaves to prevent blockages that could lead to leaks during extended periods of rain. You should also carry out  extra inspections if it has rained heavily or there has been snowfall.  

Address Safety & Compliance 

Your tenants’ safety should be your top priority, and indeed, it’s a key  obligation when it comes to compliance with rules and regulations. You should  check regularly that the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are functioning  correctly, that fire extinguishers are operational, and that all door and window  locks work properly. Any potential safety hazards should be pinpointed and  rectified immediately.  

Prioritise Your Tenants’ Comfort 

Your tenants have a right to live in a safe and comfortable environment and, as  a HMO landlord in Liverpool, it’s your responsibility to see that they can achieve  this. You should always prioritise the comfort of your tenants by making sure  that you respond immediately to any maintenance requests that they raise  and, wherever possible, take a proactive approach to identify any possible  problems before your tenants spot them.  

Comfortable tenants are happy tenants, and a happy tenant is likely to stay for  a longer tenancy, ensuring your ongoing rent.  

For help with HMO property management in Liverpool, our team are at your  service. As experts in the HMO marketplace, we can assist with every aspect of  running your property, from HMO property maintenance to vetting and finding  suitable tenants.  

Get in touch with us today at 0151 329 3538 or email us at hello@portuslets.co.uk to learn  how we can help.

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