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5 Tips For Finding Student Tenants

If you’re an HMO landlord in Liverpool, you may have chosen your property specifically for the student market. However, you could be finding it trickier than you imagined attracting your target market. There can be huge competition for HMO property owners in Liverpool. So, where and how should you begin your search for student tenants?




1. Get The Timing Right

The first thing you need to do when looking for student tenants to rent your HMO is to get your timing right. Students are a very specific market, and they’re only looking for accommodation at specific times of the year. Therefore, you must make sure you are advertising your property at the appropriate moment. While all locations are different, in most cases, students begin searching in January or February for a place to rent from September of the same year. 


2. Approach Universities

Universities draw up and release their own approved rentals lists, so making sure your HMO property appears on the list is a priority. This is an efficient way to ensure your property is seen by your target rental audience.


3. The Traditional Options

There are other classic ways in which landlords can advertise their student properties for rent. The most traditional way for landlords to attract student tenants to their HMO is to put up notices in university and college buildings, as well as in shops, cafes, laundrettes, libraries, pubs, and other places that students are likely to frequent, and of course to place adverts in local newspapers. 

While these are all viable options, modern students have more efficient ways to source a place to live these days and are more likely to go online first when they’re seeking suitable accommodation. 


4. Advertising Online

It makes sense to market your HMO property to student renters online since that is almost certainly going to be the first place that they turn when looking for a home for the new academic year. There are a number of sites that specifically list student rentals, such as Liverpool Student Homes so it’s worth doing some research to get some idea of which ones are best for your needs. 


5. Using A Professional HMO Management Company

Taking matters into your own hands when it comes to advertising your HMO to students online can prove to be a complex and time-consuming task. 

It’s easy to make a mistake with the sites that you choose or to get your settings wrong and attract the wrong audience. For that reason, many HMO landlords prefer to use the services of a professional HMO management company like Portus Lets. 

We handle all elements of HMO property management in Liverpool and can help you find the ideal student tenants. We will tackle everything from vetting your prospective tenants and their guarantors to dealing with potential issues that may arise during the tenancy, and, of course, we also handle the marketing on your behalf so you can enjoy the benefits of a hands-off approach to finding suitable tenants.

Contact our friendly team now on 0151 329 3538 or drop us an email at and find out more about how we can help you get the best HMO student tenants. 

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